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Well, Republicans had a night last night. Although it seems like almost no one is pleased right now. Eight years ago, I predicted the Rpublican party was on its last legs unless it made some changes. Rather than the sober, soul-searching changes I thought the GOP was going to do, they decided to take the easy path and hitch their train to crazy when the Tea Party came calling two years later. Last night was the culmination of that crazy.

Not that the Democratic Party helped much. They nominated Hillary because it was 'her turn' and she demanded it. She inspired no one. Bernie inspired. Bernie fired up the young voters. Hillary got a 'meh' from them. If Hillary had won last night, I would have had a feeling of relief. If Bernie had won, I would have been partying. It's 2000 all over again.

Go, Go Turbo Kid?
South Park me by Megan
So ... I made this-

I wasn't planning to. I had waited for 10 months thinking someone will make that mashup for me but... no one did. I sat down and bashed this out in one day. I think it's pretty good.

I miss the '90s
South Park me by Megan
I miss the '90s. Don't get me wrong, I love my life right now. It's better in practically every way! I'm living the dream I never knew was mine, after all.

But, in the '90s, the economy and the political landscape were good. We weren't fighting wars every other week. And we had some pop culture awesome cheese. I had MST3K every Saturday night, for crying out loud.

We also had crazy one hits like this:

Feeling it
South Park me by Megan
So, with the success of the Mihm marathon, the theater is cutting us a nice check for the show. We also have the potential to do this again next year with Wild Eye Releasing. We had people rave about the marathon in particular and us in general.

I have a class reunion this year and, with all the success we've had with the show, I feel confident that when people ask me "what do you do?" I'm going to answer "I'm a horror host" rather than "I work retail." It may not be the money maker but it's where my passion is and it's what I'm damn good at.

In reference to the last post...
South Park me by Megan
We crushed it. I would have liked to make a little more money but we turned a profit and the audience loved it!

trouble me
So... this is it. I'm coming down to the final push for something that's been consuming all my free time for about four months-

a 24 hour movie marathon. If this hits, it could fund our show for years. It could even fund the movie that we're in the embryonic phase on.

Or it could go down in flames.

Obviously, I want people there (more people buy tickets = more money for my show and better chance the theater will let me do other crazy things) but I'm also worried if things go wrong with all those people there. I know we have people coming in from halfway acorss the US (Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Washington) and they've never been to our show before. They could show up and be "who is this loser hosting?" I have a small fanbase here but this is a chance to crack that base open and GROW... or it might show that nope, Dr. Bob is strictly for Columbus and that is it.

As much work as I've put into this show (editing & rendering 25 hours of video, creating that trailer, etc), I need this to grow. This isn't like a regular show where slow growing 1 to 3 new audience members per month is good. For this to be worth it, it needs to 1) make a profit and 2) raise the profile of our show to a new level.

Honestly, it could go either way. Our Patreon following isn't growing... in fact, it's shrunk to about half of what it was bringing in. Our new show on YouTube (Wild Eye Reactions) is actually generating a little income but it's seriously just pennies. We might make a dollar next month. woo. It's still more than we were making the first 4 seasons but it's a slog. We've made so many right decisions and grown slow but we need this gamble. It's time to expand ... "if you're not growing, you're dying."

Here's the new series-

At least I can say that I've tried
Last week, I spotted Mouse on a networking site. She's the one person I regret hurting and I know how much of an asshole I was to her (having experienced enough to look back). I've been wanting to tell her how sorry I was for a long while now and, seeing as we don't run in the same circles anymore nor live in the same area, I decided to take the chance and send her a message.

I wrote out a heart-felt apology for being an asshole to her. I wanted her to know that, having lived my life, I can see how wrong I was and how she was right about so so much. Elsa knew how much regret I had over this and I told her I was finally able to send the apology.

We waited for her to check her messages and .... she blocked me, possibly without even reading it. It isn't that big of a surprise that it happened but it does hit home how big of a dick I was to her. I knew this was the most likely outcome.

I just was hoping I might have possibly been able to talk to my old friend again. I haven't seen her in almost 14 years and I would have loved to have heard about her life. She was always so artistic and I'm curious as to the paths she took.

Elsa hugged me. She knew I hurt Mouse and she knows that I punish myself over it. She only knows the man I am now, the one I built after hitting bottom, no matter how much I tell her.

A little hard work never killed anybody...
South Park me by Megan
But it's coming dangerously close with me right now.

We're adding a second series to our YouTube channel (with a 3rd in the planning phase still). We're going to be doing monthly reaction videos to Wild Eye Releasing's movies. These are the 9 they sent to start me off.

It's pretty great that they sent me more than I asked for. I never thought my life was going to be this weird.

sometimes I'm too clever for my own good..
South Park me by Megan
Just a quick post before heading to bed.

We're reaching the end of the Master Bob storyline that we setup back in April. I'm working on the video for the next one and I'm actually damn impressed with how good the show looks and sounds. I'm taking a moment to give myself a small pat on the back. Since Nurse Feratu actually has to carry much of the first two host segments (and filling time is not one of Elsa's strong suits), I actually found a way to give her something to do in the first segment that will help her AND give the audience something interesting to react to. The three-way conversation in the second segment (using people recorded months apart but in continuous shots so no cutting) works great and means Elsa will have plenty to react to.

The third segment is all on stage and all the principles are live on that one. It should have a pretty dramatic twist for our show. It's also kinda crazy because this is the least I've had to "work" on the night of the episode. Master Bob is in the very beginning for about a minute, the second segment for just long enough to do the raffle and then all the third segment. I might need to strand Dr. Bob in a parallel universe more often!

There's other exciting news on the horizon but we'll discuss that bridge later.

taking stock
Since my long-time LJ buddy, yaffa, is once again surfing the seas of LiveJournal, I figured I should give this a post since I haven't since October.

Since that time, I've actually gone to a doctor for the first time since 1996. It was just for a physical. I'm 41 and I thought I should have them pop the hood and check my motor out. Turned out I'm in amazingly good shape for my age and lifestyle. I need to lose weight (duh) but my bloodwork came back with no signs of diabetes, my sodium levels are exactly normal, my blood pressure and chloresterol levels are pretty much fine (just a tiny bit high on a couple of the levels). Score! I never thought I would dodge that bullet.

Midnight Monster Movies is going strong. We start our 4th season next month. I never, and I mean NEVER, thought this would still be going when I started it. My main concern was getting through 6 months. Now, we actually have people depending on the show. We have people on cast who are believe in our show and trust me to steer it. Unlike the other hobbies I've had over the years leading up to this, no one else has control or will have control of the show and my cast is fine with that. They say I've been batting 1.000 so far and it's my name on the show so they're just trusting me to keep this crazy train rolling. I actually found out I need one more person on crew. We don't need another castmember but we need someone to work the merchandise table as Nurse Feratu's backup and the same person could run our Twitter feed. I just need to find someone with the right skills and I trust.

Elsa's got a job. She started at the beginning of December and we're starting to do more than tread water. We're actually pulling in discretionary cash. I guess we're officially DINKs. We can actually look ahead and plan what needs to be done around the house. It's a good feeling.

Looking over how far I've come after falling so far, I'm fairly happy. I have a good job (retail, yes, but a GOOD retail job), a good wife, a creative hobby that might, just might, end up taking me places, a house, friends. Not only have I recovered the ground I lost, I've surpassed it. Hell, if my life hadn't been detoured, I likely wouldn't be nearly as happy and successful as I am. Nor as well-adjusted. Other people question how I can be so even-tempered and patient. When you've gone through truly hellish situations, most of the normal bad stuff doesn't seem that bad anymore.


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