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My wife and I laid out our longer-range life plans a few years back and one of those was what to do about children. We had said the when we had our shit together AND were able to provide for the child, we would look into it. Well, about 2 years ago, we got to that point. The next step was to make sure her health would be safe for childbirth AND to get rid of the roommate. (The roommate was getting ditched either way; the question was if that room was being turned into a library or a kid's room) We told the roommate back in May that he needs to be out by February (PLENTY of time to GTFO) and we were finally told by Elsa's heart doctor last week (after bouncing around since December) that it's safe for her to have a kid.

There are still other steps to go. She's on pre-natal vitamins now and we're not planning to start the actual process until January (on our cruise). This gives us more time to get things ready around the house and be as prepared as possible. There is, of course, always the chance we can't concieve. If we can't, we can't. We'll proceed with our original plans.

Still.... looks like we may end up with a baby by the end of next year.

crushing it
Came back from Minnesota this past weekend. We went up there for a lot of reasons; it was a jam-packed trip! Two main reasons were to film my parts in Chris Mihm's new movie and to perform our 'SnarkTrack' (Think RiffTrax or MST3K) for one of his old movies.

The filming went fine. I wish I had done a little better but it's my first time appearing in a movie.

The riffing.... we killed it. I wrote the scripts over a 3 month period. I had wanted more contributions from the cast but I ended up writing 90% of the jokes because it's too hard to get people to do things. Way back in the '90s, I had entertained the notion of trying to get a writing job on MST3K but never attempted it. I told myself it was because of the winters in Minnesota (and there's a lot of truth to that) but part of me was always worried that I wouldn't be able to hack it; that I wasn't funny enough. After this weekend, I can put that concern to bed. Not only was the audience laughing but the cast and crew that was in attendance loved it too. I showed you can riff a movie without being mean-spirited or disrespectful. I think the best riffing comes from movies you have an affection for. We also timed our riffing out to not run over the dialogue and that worked heaily in our favor. One person in the audience had never seen the movie before but was able to listen to us AND follow the movie with no problem. We were being complimented for hours afterward! We did such a great job that Mihm wants us to do it again next year for a different movie.

I don't know if I could made the cut back in my 20's but I know that, now, I could have.

so.... yay?
South Park me by Megan

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Feeling my way through the darkness guided by a beating heart
South Park me by Megan
I've been getting hit by the feels lately and I think I finally pinpointed what's been hurting.

I'm usually working on video editing until late into the night, long after Elsa has gone to bed. To have some background noise/something I can watch for a couple of seconds to reset when needed, I've been putting on YouTube videos of '90s-era Sci-Fi channel commercials and bumpers. It's been really good to help me concentrate on my computer and zone out the rest. There is a problem developing however....

I've been getting nostalgic feelings so deep that it's actually caused me to cry here and there. It's silly, right? Why should these old promos and commercials be hurting me like this and why not simply turn them off? Well, on the last part of that, the feelings hurt but the memories are so good I wish I could find more long videos like these.

I was originally confused by the meaning behind this. I couldn't be wanting my late '90s life back, right? By practically every measure, my life now is better by an exponential figure. I own a house, a car (soon to be a Tesla!). I have a WONDERFUL, supportive wife who is my full partner. I have our show which fulfills both my creative needs and challenges my organizational/managerial skills. I have a full, productive and very very busy life. In the late '90s, I was a schmuck. I would sit around and watch tv or play video games for days on end. I was absolutely HORRIBLE to Mouse. I mean it, I was a royal douche to her and she did not deserve how I treated her. While I was spending a lot of cash, I was also running up a pretty big credit card debt that bit me in the ass about 10 years after.

I finally nailed what was wrong (I think). I have these happy memories of the '90s that things like tv shows trigger and I have NO ONE to reminisce with. Seriously, no one. EVERY friend from between 1991 and 2000 is gone from my life. (One exception is poseidon210 but she moved many states away and had a kid recently so.... yeah) When I remember 1994-1999, which should be very happy memories as the early 20s are 'best years of your life' shit and also the '90s kind of rocked to be a young American, I get the happy memories tinged with a deep loneliness. Remembering those years (which I hadn't thought of much until the last few years) opens a black hole of emptiness in the middle of happiness. I can't call up a friend and say "Hey, remember when we watched Vampire Hunter D on its cable tv premiere late at night and it was hosted by Jonathan Taylor Thomas?" nor text someone and say "Remember that Viva Variety show? I can't believe those actors went on to be huge comedic actors."

So that's what hurts. Well, that and I do want to reach back and shake some sense into my younger self. Younger self- DON'T BE A DICK!

South Park me by Megan
Well, Republicans had a night last night. Although it seems like almost no one is pleased right now. Eight years ago, I predicted the Rpublican party was on its last legs unless it made some changes. Rather than the sober, soul-searching changes I thought the GOP was going to do, they decided to take the easy path and hitch their train to crazy when the Tea Party came calling two years later. Last night was the culmination of that crazy.

Not that the Democratic Party helped much. They nominated Hillary because it was 'her turn' and she demanded it. She inspired no one. Bernie inspired. Bernie fired up the young voters. Hillary got a 'meh' from them. If Hillary had won last night, I would have had a feeling of relief. If Bernie had won, I would have been partying. It's 2000 all over again.

Go, Go Turbo Kid?
South Park me by Megan
So ... I made this-

I wasn't planning to. I had waited for 10 months thinking someone will make that mashup for me but... no one did. I sat down and bashed this out in one day. I think it's pretty good.

I miss the '90s
South Park me by Megan
I miss the '90s. Don't get me wrong, I love my life right now. It's better in practically every way! I'm living the dream I never knew was mine, after all.

But, in the '90s, the economy and the political landscape were good. We weren't fighting wars every other week. And we had some pop culture awesome cheese. I had MST3K every Saturday night, for crying out loud.

We also had crazy one hits like this:

Feeling it
South Park me by Megan
So, with the success of the Mihm marathon, the theater is cutting us a nice check for the show. We also have the potential to do this again next year with Wild Eye Releasing. We had people rave about the marathon in particular and us in general.

I have a class reunion this year and, with all the success we've had with the show, I feel confident that when people ask me "what do you do?" I'm going to answer "I'm a horror host" rather than "I work retail." It may not be the money maker but it's where my passion is and it's what I'm damn good at.

In reference to the last post...
South Park me by Megan
We crushed it. I would have liked to make a little more money but we turned a profit and the audience loved it!

trouble me
So... this is it. I'm coming down to the final push for something that's been consuming all my free time for about four months-

a 24 hour movie marathon. If this hits, it could fund our show for years. It could even fund the movie that we're in the embryonic phase on.

Or it could go down in flames.

Obviously, I want people there (more people buy tickets = more money for my show and better chance the theater will let me do other crazy things) but I'm also worried if things go wrong with all those people there. I know we have people coming in from halfway acorss the US (Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Washington) and they've never been to our show before. They could show up and be "who is this loser hosting?" I have a small fanbase here but this is a chance to crack that base open and GROW... or it might show that nope, Dr. Bob is strictly for Columbus and that is it.

As much work as I've put into this show (editing & rendering 25 hours of video, creating that trailer, etc), I need this to grow. This isn't like a regular show where slow growing 1 to 3 new audience members per month is good. For this to be worth it, it needs to 1) make a profit and 2) raise the profile of our show to a new level.

Honestly, it could go either way. Our Patreon following isn't growing... in fact, it's shrunk to about half of what it was bringing in. Our new show on YouTube (Wild Eye Reactions) is actually generating a little income but it's seriously just pennies. We might make a dollar next month. woo. It's still more than we were making the first 4 seasons but it's a slog. We've made so many right decisions and grown slow but we need this gamble. It's time to expand ... "if you're not growing, you're dying."

Here's the new series-


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